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Meghan (Biba) Mueller


Meghan is the founder, owner and artistic director of Shine Power Studio & Gym. Meghan began taking gymnastics at age 4 and dance at age 7. She grew up dancing in tap, ballet, pointe, and jazz classes at RC Dance & Gymnastics under the instruction of Monica Rynes. In 2008 she was honored to receive the "Natylee Geary Scholarship," at RCDG and in 2009 she was nominated as captain of her cheer team. After high school, Meghan continued her dance career by studying dance at Winona State University and dancing along side instructors such as Tabitha & Napoleon D'Uma, Dena Rizzo, Geo Hubela and Twitch. From 2013-2021 she choreographed competition routines that placed first in their category, were nationally ranked and were awarded with the several special awards. Including; "best transitions," "Most Likely to Start the Party", "Clean & Crisp" and "Full of Energy". She has studied and taught many forms of dance to children and adults alike: lyrical, hip hop, tap, cheerleading, tumbling, jazz, pointe, ballet and boys hip-hop. She studied business and received her Bachelors degree from UW-Platteville in 2014. Meghan is a proud Catholic and although she does not preach religion to her students, she keeps her religous beleifs in mind while teaching and choosing costumes and music. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Caleb, their son Brooks and daughter Collyns. Meghan originally began SPSG as a summer dance program under the name, "Boscobel Summer Dance Classes," in 2009 and then because of increase in interest, she opened the studio up full time in 2014. Meghan's goal is to create an environment where her students feel confident about themselves and their dancing abilities.


Rachel Simon

Head Instructor/ Co-Director


Rachel has been apart of the SPSG journey from the beginning, helping assist in classes since the age of 10 and choreographing routines since the age of 13. Rachel began dancing at the age of 5 at RC Dance & Gymnastics under the direction of Monica Rynes in Richland Center. She was a member of her varsity high school cheer and dance team for four years, she has danced at several dance conventions, being taught by instructors such as Dena Rizzo, Dusty Button & Keltie Knight.  In 2019 she was hired as the head teacher and choreographer for four dance classes (tap and jazz) at the YMCA in Lacrosse. She danced competitively for years throughout highschool and is constantly working to better herself as a dancer and individual. Rachel steps in as a head instructor for dance, gymnastics AND cheer but is further known for her summer and winter dance intensives. She currently has a bachelors degree in psychology; graduating from UW-Lacrosse in 2020 and is continueing her education by going towards her Masters.  In her free time, Rachel enjoys watching the sunset with her husband, Payton. Rachel's favorite dance and primary dance style is ballet- her knowledge of ballet vocab, definitions and execution is a huge asset to SPSG.


Shawna Bedward

Head Gymnastics Coach

Shawna has been an SPSG gymnastics coach for 3 years. She is an amazing coach to our tot-pre-team levels AND a great asset to the SPSG facility. Her expertise with children and background in gymnastics has made her an ideal coach, that all our students love. Shawna's background working with children goes back 20+ years. She was a girl scout leader for 8 years, a volunteer for the Boscobel Elementary for 12+ years, she coached the JV volleyball team at Boscobel for 1 year and is a mother to two. Dakota (age 15) who has been an SPSG performer for 6+ years and Shelby (18) who is currently going to school to be an RN. Shawna also has a great background and knowledge of gymnastics; she started tumbling classes as a toddler in the ICC Church basement. From there, she continued with gymnastics classes throughout her lifetime and was a member of the Fennimore/Boscobel high school team all four years of highschool. Her favorite event is beam and floor which she has helped choreograph routines for others. In her freetime, Shawna enjoys spending time with her husband Dayton (of 19 years), camping with her family, going on jeep rides and taking family vacations. Shawna has been a blessing to the SPSG program and to our students- she works hard and always makes sure the students are learning while enjoying their sport!



Madelyn Streeter

Dance Instructor

Maddy is an SPSG alumni. She joined our studio year one and has been a dedicated member ever since. She spent 9 years training with Meghan Mueller and Rachel Simon- learning jazz, clogging and tap. In 2018 she joined the SPSG competitive jazz team. From there she continued as a competitive member but added competitive hip-hop and clogging. She also competed solos from 2021-2023 and graduated with many national titles. Throughout highschool Maddy danced on her high school team, traveled to many locations to compete under SPSG and danced at over 4 conventions. She learned from over 12 world-renound choreographers. Maddy is a very positive person and works along side children with care and respect. It is an honor to have her as an SPSG staff member.


Kayleena Schauff

Gymnastics & Cheer Coach

 Kayleena began dancing at the age of 3 and it wasn't long before she found a passion for the stage. At the young age of four, she began competeing in local pageants. Throughout her high school career she continued to dance and compete in a larger variety of pageants at a national level. She studied cheer, tumbling, tap, clogging, jazz, ballet and pointe and competed on the SPSG competitive dance team. In 2018, she graduated from Fennimore High School and began attending college for Special Education. In 2019 she founded the " Yes! You can dance," dance program which provides FREE dance classes to students of all abilities. She has coached gymnastics under the AAU team of Sheena Reynolds for four years and in addition to coaching for SPSG, she currently coaches all levels of gymnastics at the YMCA in Stevens Point. She is very well versed in all styles of dance, cheer and gymnastics but coaching gymnastics is her favorite. Her ability to connect with all children has made her a vaule to the Shine Power staff. She is known for being tough but fun and has created classes that make each child feel special.


Ariana Collins Miller

Dance Instructor

 Ariana can be found "living" at our SPSG facility. In addition to the ten hours a week that she trains (year-round), Ariana also assists and choreographs for our lower level classes, travels around Wisconsin to attend different conventions and intensives AND tags along as an assistant to Meghan while she instructs different dance/cheer camps. Ariana began dancing at the age of three- training in tap, ballet, jazz, clogging, competitive team, cheer and pointe and being instructed by Miss Meghan & Rachel for 10+ years. She is a key member to all of the SPSG competitive dance teams and recently ventured out as a soloist in 2020. She is a nationally ranked dancer and a very dedicated student. Her accountability and maturity and kind heart are a rare find. SPSG is grateful to have her as a student & staff member for the 2022 season!


Maggie Horsfall

Dance Instructor

 Maggie began dancing at the age of 7. She was a natural ballerina and found lots of joy in being at the studio. Primarily focusing on ballet and pointe. She continued her dance career throughout elementary and high school. She studied ballet, pointe, tap, ballet, jazz and clogging under the direction of Meghan Mueller and Rachel Simon. In High School, she danced on her high school dance team before joining the SPSG competitive jazz team. In 2021, Maggie was on the winning at the Northern World finals. 


Daisy Biba

Cheer Coach

 Daisy came to SPSG after High School in 2021- starting with private lessons and extra training but eventually coaching and adding her expertise in a vairety of cheer classes and camps. Because of her many years of experience (particularily in flying), she has become a huge asset to our cheer program.


She has a long standing length of experience stunting, tumbling and dancing. Daisy was a cheerleader for ten years. She cheered for Riverdale Middle School in 6th & 7th grade and during her senior year of High School. As a freshman, she joined the Dual Fusion All Stars. She continued competeing with Dual Fusion throughout Highschool and into college, while also  joining the SPSG cheer team in 2019. In 2021, Daisy joined the EXA Sports team and traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to compete in their cheer program.

In addition to her cheer experience, Daisy has ten years of dance experience. She trained hip-hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, tap and pointe throughout her elementary and high school years and then continued training ballet and jazz after graduating. She has participated in multiple summer programs at RCDG, EXA Sports, and SPSG. And as a gymnast, Daisy competed individually for many years in middle school school. In 2012 she scored 2nd overall as a gymnast and in 2013 she was honored to receive the, "Most Improved," award.

Daisy has brought many new stunts, techniques and tips to the SPSG gym. She currently leads our intermediate and advanced level teams and has become a big member of the SPSG community. 


Maribeth Fritz

Gymnastics Coach & dance assistant

Maribeth began taking dance and gymnastics classes at the age of 4. When SPSG opened in 2014, she quickly began filling her weeks with multiple classes. Throughout the past 9 years, Maribeth has spent 12+ hours a week training with Meghan Mueller and Rachel Simon. Taking classes in tap, jazz, clogging, ballet, pointe, gymnastics, and cheer. 

In 2019, she joined the SPSG competitive jazz team and began traveling with the studio to a large variety of competitions throughout Wisconsin & Iowa. In 2022, she particiapted in the SPSG hip-hop team that had won 2nd place overall at the Northern World Finals. 

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