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Interested in trying out for the SPSG AAU Team?

AAU Parent Info. Meeting: June 5. 5:30-5:45.

AAU Evals: June 5. 5:45-6:45. $8 each. Enroll in your portals.

These evaluations will tell your gymnasts IF they have the skills to compete AAU and what level they are currently placing into. At the end of the summer, we will do a second evalution. Each students goal is to advance or prepare their level before season 11 begins. Any student planning to compete AAU needs 8 hours of summer gymnastics completed. 

AAU Try-Outs/Final Evals: August 13 9:30-10:15am OR August 15th 6:00-7:30pm
FREE if you are enrolled in AAU Session 2. Otherwise, $10/each- must enroll by emailing

AAU Description: 

The SPSG AAU gymnastics team is coached and lead by Kayleena Schauff. Kayleena is not only certified in AAU gymnastics but she also has an extensive background in coaching all levels. If you are wondering if your child is ready or you would like to set up a private lesson or evaluation, email her at


School Year Season: We offer three different day/time options for AAU students. AAU students are encouraged to enroll for all three days but MUST enroll for at least 2. If they enroll for 2 days, they can use the 3rd option as a make-up for a missed class, if needed. We will offer a special discount for students who come 3X a week- this can be viewed in the fall handbook.


During the school season, we intermix our AAU and advanced recreational students with the belief that seeing is believing and provides the best encouragement to work hard.  Our advanced, recreational gymnasts get to see what they are working towards by watching our upper level gymnasts.  All of our gymnasts are held to the same high standards of excellence.  No matter what skill they are working, they know we are expecting them to work hard and keep a positive attitude. 


Requirements of ALL AAU Team Gymnasts:

  • Register and attend at least 2 Team classes each week

  • Register and compete in a minimum of two Gymnastics Meets during the 2024-25 season. We are planning to start out small by ONLY offering two AAU meets next season. If a student cannot make one of the dates, they can choose to enroll for the Winter Freeze meet as an alternative.

  • Sign-up to donate at least one item for our Winter Freeze concession stand. Profits go towards new equipment- higher level equipment will be needed for AAU students.

  • Register for a yearly AAU & Gym Membership that runs from September 1 2024 to August 31 2025.  Cost is $65 per gymnast.  Membership is required to participate in AAU Sanction practices & meets. This will be charged to your portals and due by Sept. 1. If you drop out of the AAU program mid-season, this is not refunded.

  • Purchase the team leotard which must be maintained in pristine condition.

    • A new design is coming this season. Price & order info is TBA.

      • Please watch for this info. We will need ALL AAU gymnasts to order by July 3rd. They take 12 weeks to get so they must be ordered promptly.

  • Pay all applicable meet fees ($100-$150/each).

    • Once signed up for a meet, gymnasts are responsible for payment even if no longer able to attend.  

    • We will try and offer at  least two fundraisers this season; however, parents are also welcome and encouraged to organize these on their own.

  • AAU gymnasts are also encouraged to participate in our annual Winter Freeze Home Meet as extra preparation for their competitive season.


Order your SPSG Leotard! Orders are DUE July 3rd. Search your portals and place order through the "events" tab.


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