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SPSG 2022-23 September thru April Schedule

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Tuition Due Dates:

 Upon registration, Nov. 1, Jan. 1 and March 1.

Dance & cheer students; watch for your costume fee too

Due date reminders will be sent via email or you can sign into your parent portal at any time to check your family balance.

Pay any amount, any time before the due date by clicking "Pay Now" and typing in your desired amount.

Credit Cards will only be auto charged if your payment is 30+ days late. A $25 overdue fee is additionally charged at that time.

**All dance & cheer classes have one routine that will take part in our spring recital. 1 hour rec classes have two routines. 

In addition to the tuition fee, all dance/cheer students will be charged for their costumes around January 1st. One costume, per routine. If you drop after Nov. 1, you are still obligated to pay for your costumes.

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