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Season 11: September thru April 2024-25

404 Johnson St. Boscobel, WI.

Current Students: Pre-enrollment opens 3/25.

New students: Pre-enrollments opens 4/22

PAYMENT POLICY: Before enrolling, prepare to make a $25 deposit PER CLASS. After enrolling, you need to re-login and submit $25/class. Please register and pay with the understanding that deposits are non-refundable. They will apply to first quarter tuition ONLY if you keep the class you paid it towards. If you register for two classes and drop one, you lose ONE of the $25 deposits. Any deposit/payment made CAN NOT be transferred to other classes, siblings, students or sessions. IF you register for classes but the $25 fee is not received, SPSG has the right to charge the card on file for that amount or remove you from the class. PLAN AHEAD: The full first quarter must be paid on or before our registration day in mid-August. This date is TBA. Tuition shown is the price due every two months. Fees are always posted 14+ days BEFORE the due dates. The four due dates are registration day, Nov. 1, Jan. 1 and March 1. Payments are not automatically processed. It is your responsibility to login, type the due amount and submit payment on or before a due date. We will always send reminder emails. If it remains unpaid on the due date we will have the card on file charged with a $30 late fee. Dance/Cheer students will be charged costume fees around 11/1. IF you pay at least 50% of the fees by 12/31- you will not incurr the $25 interest fee. This fee will be added to unpaid accounts AFTER 12/31.

24-25 DROP POLICY- Once you enroll for the 24-25 season, you are committing to taking the classes. Once you submit your classes YOU MUST RE-LOGIN AND SUBMIT YOUR $25 deposit/class. This is non-refundable but will be subtracted from first quarter tuition, as long as you DO NOT drop that class. During the season, we accept drops from classes, per quarter BUT you must email us with a two weeks notice. Due to recital, Dance/Cheer students who do not drop by Nov. 1 will be obligated to cover their costume fee, regardless of participation. Dance/Cheer students who drop after January 1 will be charged a $50 fee for re-choreography. If we are not notified two weeks in advance, you are obligated to cover the fee; regardless of participtation. Once a fee is paid, SPSG does not offer refunds and we DO NOT allow transfer of funds between portals. ACCOUNT BANS AND HOLDS: Failure to follow our drop and/or payment policies will result in an account ban. Due to the large amount of enrollments- IF you drop your classes mid-season 3+ times, we will add a hold to your account. This allows us to prioritize students who want to enroll for the full season.

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