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Interested in being an SPSG Gymnastics Recreational Team Member??
Meet the following requirements per season!

2024-25 Recreational EVents

Rec Meet Details:

What? SPSG gymnastics meets are for ALL recreational gymnasts, cheerleaders or other athletes. It is a fun, quick, low-cost and easy way to give students a chance to compete within the sport of gymnastics. This is a great way to show-off skills to family & friends! Invite anyone to attend. Admission is only $5. We will have a small concession stand AND shout-outs available!! Cash only.

Who? Boys and girls aged 3+ are invited to participate. They do not need to be an SPSG member and they do not need ANY experience to enroll. All children are judged equally. All students receive medals and top five (per event) receives ribbons!

Events? For only $50, students get to compete and showcase THREE gymnastics events- beam, bar and floor. If your child does not know their level, please contact us for guidance. If your child tumbles but does not have access to train beam/bars, you can still participate!! For $40, you can compete floor ONLY- perfect for acro based kiddos!!

Routines? SPSG students learn their routines in class. Non-members can view the routines (with videos) by scrolling down. Although its not neccessary, students can get extra practice. Members AND non-members can set up private lessons with Coach Kayleena. Just email her at

**The best part about our routines? No memorization. A coach will stand next to your child while they compete and read/guide them through the routines. This creates a stress free experience where kids can focus on having fun!

Is my child ready? Yes!! These meets are designed for children of all ages and levels. We split students in groups based on age and skill. We award medals to everyone to keep each child encouraged throughout the competition process!!


 Beam, Bar, & Floor routines will be listed below along with FAQ. Class levels will determine meet levels.


Compete! Compete in at least 3 events. These can be accomplished through our home meet or our traveling PDC meet.


Private Lesson! Sign-up and attend at least one private lesson!


SPSG Leotard! Purchase an SPSG Leotard to wear to all meets!


Classes! Take classes from Sept-April!

The videos below are sorted by level, each video has all four events!

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