SPSG offers LOTS of dance, cheer & gymnastics options to keep your kiddo active & moving this summer. 

Please scroll down to view our gymnastics camps, toddler dance camps and our summer intensive options. In addition, we are offering many drop-in opportunities:

Open Gyms: Wednesdays 11:00am-12:30pm starting June 15. Closed June 22 and July 6th. $5 for members. $7 for non-members with a waiver.

Peaceful Stretching Hour: Wednesdays 12:30-1:30. Begins June 15th. Closed June 22 and July 6th. $5/members. $7 non-members with a waiver. 
*Join Miss Ariana for an hour of floor, wall and barre stretches.
Dimmed lights, calming/meditation themed music. A great way to relax while staying flexible. 

Dance, Combo Drop-ins: Watch our Facebook page and/or your email for these opportunities. We will offer them at random throughout the summer. $5/person. $7/non-members with waivers.
*All drop-ins are paid upon arrival. Cash payments only. Only one waiver per summer for non-members.

8-week gymnastics session: TNT Gymnastics will be hosting an 8-week gymnastics session at the SPSG gym!! To enroll in this session- check out TNT Boscobel here:

Cheer Camps: Dates & Info Pending.

Payment is NOT automatically drawn. Once you enroll, you must login to your portal and click, "pay now." Type in the fee amount and submit.
$20 is due per child upon enrollment to hold their spot(s). This is non-refundable but will be subtracted from the total balance. The remaining balance must be paid before June 1st. If not received by the first, you will forfeit your spot to the wait list. We will email you in advance.
Discounts are auto applied to siblings and students who take multiple classes. Take 2 courses- $5 OFF total balance, 3 course $10 OFF balance, 4 courses $15 and ect.

Interested in trying out for our nationally ranked, 2022-23 competitive dance team?!? View the below requirements & tips!

1. Students aged 13+ need to complete 8 hours of intensives.
Students aged 9-12 need to make sure to complete at least 6 hours worth of intensives.
Minis (age 7-8) need to complete 3 hours. If you enroll and miss a class, enroll for a second intensive to ensure you complete the required hours. Once enrolled, you will be emailed tryout date options when they are scheduled. We always give two tryout options. Only one is required.

2. Students aged 13+ who complete 10+ hours will earn 1 extra point on their tryouts. IF they complete 15+ hours they will earn an extra 1.5 points. Students age 9-12 who complete 8 hours of intensives will earn 1 extra point at try-outs.
This is a new reward for hard work. Not only can this be the push you need to make a team but it can also benefit students who want to compete solos. Solos are only given to our top 5 highest scores! 

3. Make sure you have a special skill prepared. We highly recommend attending open gyms or signing up for gymnastics to develop high ranked skills. Our open gym staff members can give you ideas and feedback!

4. Watch for dance combo, drop-in opportunities. You never know...maybe the combination you learn will benefit your tryout too!

Please make sure to view the "competitive team," link on our website to view ALL the requirements for trying out. Try-outs are not easy. Make sure your child has the required skills and courses to attend a try-out.

Summer dress code: we recommend all female students wear leotards with optional fitted shorts. Hair must be pulled back. Jazz or ballet shoes are preferred for intensives. Bare feet is preferred for gymnastics and toddler camps. Males may wear athletic clothing but please ensure it is not overly baggy.