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Interested in trying out for the competitive season? Read the requirements and send us email. Once we add you to the tryout list, you will be notified on the tryout date...We usually give two different options at the end of July- early August.



(All teams will be lead by either Miss Meghan or Miss Rachel)

This year we are planning to have five competitive teams. The competition team runs with higher requirements, expectations and costs more than a regular dance class. The opportunity to compete is offered to students who put dance as their top priority and want to take their skills to the next level.


In-person, try-outs are mandatory to attempt making a team. We NEED at least six members in order to compete, per team. Unfortunately, this means that if not enough kids place at their try-out, the teams could be removed from the schedule.



To tryout for Mini's, Level I and Level II Jazz Teams:


  1. Students must be 10+ years old or invited by an instructor to try-out for levels I & II. Students must be 7-11 years old to try-out for the mini team. Or invited by an instructor. If a child has not passed dance basics III, it is unlikely they will have the skills they need for team. Feel free to check with Meghan if you have any concerns on the readiness of your child.

  2. Students must be enrolled in a jazz or ballet class for 2022-23 season at SPSG.

  3. Students must enroll in an intensive AND accumulate the correct amount of hours per age between the intensive options.

  4. The separation between level I and II is not aged based (besides them needing to be at least 10 years old). Instead placement between level I and II is based upon score. 

  5. The following is a list of what the judges will be watching for during tryouts. I am giving this list to students now in hopes that students who do not reach these requirements can work towards them. If you do not have the below requirements yet, you are welcome to try out but must be advised that your score will be dropped drastically and it will be extremely hard to place in the required score range.6.

  6. ​Flexibility- students will be expected to demonstrate all three splits, straddle stretches, bridges & pike stretches. They will need nearly perfect splits and battements that can be properly performed above hip level.

  7. Turns- students will be expected to demonstrate their pirouettes & chaine turns. For team II, a double is required and triple encouraged. Pirouettes with HIGH posse are required for Level I. The minis will need to demonstrate and execute a pirouette with the correct technique. Turns need to be properly executed on both right and left legs.

  8. Fouettes- students will need to perform their fouettes (these will not be scored as high as pirouettes but need to be at least attempted properly)

  9. Jumps, leaps, tricks- Students will be asked to demonstrate a variety of jumps and leaps on BOTH right and left legs. A full split must be reached during a regular chasse, step, leap. They may be asked to perform tombe, padaboure, glissade, grand jete and they must come at least 2-4 feet off the ground during center leaps (depending on their height).

  10. Stage presence and facial expressions- Students will demonstrate a variety of different facial expressions while performing a short routine. They will be scored on their dresscode and professional appearance. Black leotards with spandex, tights and jazz or ballet shoes are encouraged. Neat, pulled back hair can also improve scores in this category.

  11. Choreography- students will learn a short routine the day of the tryouts. They will be judged on how quickly they can pick up the choreography in a short amount of time and will be judged on how well they are counting their music.

  12. They will also be given the chance to perform an outstanding skill. (ex: tumbling skills, Y-scales, flexibility skills or they can use their fouettes or leaps). PREPARE YOUR SPECIAL SKILL BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.

  13. Overall positive presence. Students will be asked to introduce themselves with their name and age to the judges. A strong stage presence, and projection while speaking is necessary. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. For the tryout, students should have hair tied up tight, jazz shoes or ballet, tights and solid colored leotards.

  14. When trying out for the mini jazz team- the above will be expected; however, their age will be taken into account by the judges. Our expectations is that they are performing these skills above average, for their age level. Regardless of score, students above age 12 or older cannot be on the mini jazz team.

To tryout for Hip-Hop Team:

  1. All of the above, Level I and level II requirements are applied. The only differences are:

    1. Only students aged 13+ can make this team.

    2. Anyone attempting the hip-hop team will need to stay for an extra 30 minutes during their tryout to learn and demonstrate a hip-hop styled routine.

    3. They will need to demonstrate another special skill but it must be a hip-hop skill.

    4. During competitions they will be categorized separately from the jazz team. 

To tryout for the Clogging Team:

  1.   We have decided to add a clogging team to the 2022-23 season. I cannot guarantee that competing clogging will be a yearly occurrence; however, because I had the space in our 22-23 schedule, I am able to add it into the season 9 agenda.

  2. Students need to be 13+ years old and enrolled in clogging for the 22-23 season. They will need to partake in numbers 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13 from the above jazz I/II list; however, the required score per number is not as high as the jazz team. They need to be sure that their clogging sounds are clear and accurate. They need to know their terms and be able to perform advanced level clogging steps (outhouses, double bucks, skuffles, cloggovers ect.) and know the basics terms of tap dancing. In addition, they will stay an extra 30 minutes to:

    1. Learn and perform a short clogging combo.​

    2. Demonstrate their basics individually

    3. Demonstrate a random selection of clogging and tap steps

Everyone should come with a positive attitude and be prepared to perform to your best ability. Miss Meghan will only alter scores by adding a point to students who did 6+ hours of intensives and dropping up to 2 points to students who have poor participation and attendance in their regular classes. Judges scores will be the final score! If you have an “off-day” and perform below your regular ability, Miss Meghan will not push you forward. Placement will be given with complete fairness and equality.

Other details and requirements for team members:

  1. Students will be expected to try out in front of judges (Miss Meghan WILL NOT be a judge).

  2. Although Miss Meghan will not judge the tryout, she will deduct up to 2 points if the student DOES NOT participate well in their regular classes. They must prove themselves hard workers throughout ALL their classes. If they have poor attendance, do not come to classes prepared, do not practice or do not pay attention; up to 2 points will be lost on overall score. Miss Meghan will also add a point to students who completed 6+ hours of intensives.

  3. Practices times are reflected on the fall/winter schedule.

  4. To help reduce costs: practices are held 3 times for the first & last quarter and then each week for 2nd & 3rd. 

  5. Students will compete in 2 competitions (dates TBA but usually in February, March or sometimes early April). These can be held on Fridays, Saturday or Sundays. BOTH competitions are required in order to be a part of the team. Students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from competitions- most competitions take place in Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Middleton, Davenport (Iowa) and Milwaukee. Exact locations will be posted with competition dates.

  6. Students are required to participate in BOTH recitals. I will not change this routine if a conflict arises.

  7. Competitive dance classes are offered to students who put dance as a top priority. Only three absences will be allowed per student without requiring a make-up. Two additional absences, after the three allowed, are provided if the student pays for private/make-up lessons. Once the student misses their sixth time, they are REMOVED from the team and charged a $100 re-choreography fee. Absences include sick days, other sporting events and family obligations. If you cannot commit fully to being a part of the team, please do not try out.

  8. Each team can expect to have 1-2 required, dress rehearsal style performances during the halftime of Boscobel Varsity Basketball games. Any performance is required by the FULL team. Dates are always sent out with a large advance notice.

  9. Competition team has additional costs that do not apply to regular classes. Due to a change in competitive rules (uncontrolled by SPSG), these fees have been updated for the 2022-23 season. A break-down of the price is listed below:

    1. We are able to lower costs a little by only holding practices three times for quarter 1 & 4. All four quarters will still cost the same because we charged it with an average of the full tuition. Tuition varies depending on the class. Prices are shown on the portal under these classes.


Competition 1- roughly $95-$130 (prices very per competition)

Competition 2- roughly $95-$130 (prices very per competition)

Costume Fee- $65-$100

*These fees include the cost required by the competitive company and teacher travel costs. Competitive Team costs roughly $350 more/year than a regular dance class, not including if they make nationals. Teams are welcome to fundraise if needed. In past seasons, I have had students raise so much during our popcorn sales that all their fees were covered. I am providing this information so that you can plan accordingly and organize fundraisers if wanted. Meghan is not in charge of fundraisers.

  1. ALL competitive dancers are required to have matching costumes, matching hair styles, matching make-up styles, & matching shoes when competing. Miss Meghan would provide better detail if a student makes the team.

  2. If students qualify for nationals- ALL members are required to attend. Nationals can take place in a wide variety of locations during the summer. Including Florida and North Carolina, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana (pretty much anywhere). Students are welcome to do a fundraiser if this becomes a possibility. I will always provide the nationals date with their August calendars so that families can organize around it. We are considering Connecticut for the 22-23 season. I strongly encourage fundraising.


*Try-outs will be held at the studio this summer. A registration deposit is NOT needed for this class. After tryouts, emails with results and feedback will be sent out within 3-7 days via email. Anyone who makes it can then register for the class. Trying out in itself is a HUGE accomplishment. Prepare your children to be proud of themselves, regardless of whether they make the team or not.

**If they qualify, students are welcome to join more than one team. However, please keep in mind that the costs for competitions would then double or triple because the competitive companies require that the fee be paid per person, for every performance.

The highest score per team will earn team captain! This makes them in charge during backstage check-ins and awards acceptance. It also gets them a t-shirt and NEW this year, they will earn a $20 credit on their account! Top five scores overall will be given the opportunity to compete a solo or duet.

Email: for try-out date or questions 

-Miss Meghan

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